Jeffery Marks AKA The Bishop

Baddest mother fucker in the soup kitchen.


Jeffery Marks was found by social services as a nameless youth wandering the slums at approximately 3 or 4 years of age. His parents were never identified and it is still unknown if he was abandoned, or orphaned. Jeffery Cycled through the foster care system until the age of 10 when, in the midst of what his foster parents described as an ungrateful tantrum, he broke his foster fathers collar bone by clubbing him with an aluminum bat. Labeled a problem child with pathological attachment issues he spent the next 4 years in an institution.

Upon returning to the foster system at 14 Jeffery’s anger issues immediately resurfaced, resulting in his repeated expulsion from a string of high schools, and repeated stints in juvenile detention facilities. Until he dropped out completely and ran away from home at the age of 16.

Jeffery lived for the next 3 years as a street kid in downtown Seattle, his already significant size and generally hostile demeanor kept the and his willingness to break bones with little no provocation soon made him a sought after commodity among the local street gangs and criminals. He prospered on the streets working as a freelance “Collector”. He was good at the work and genuinely seemed to enjoy it, he made valuable contacts in the criminal underworld and had started to accumulate both friends and money. He even had enough to buy a hog and had started competing in street matches of Combat Biker.

This all changed three days after his 19th birthday when he attempted to collect on a gambling debt in a local biker bar. He knew they guy had friends there, and fully expected it when they all leapt to the debtors defense. He’d carefully assessed the situation and concluded that he would be able to handle them as long as no one started shooting. What he hadn’t counted on, was the rapid response of LoneStar when he started putting bikers through windows.

Jeffery had been in a full fledged battle rage surrounded by enemies and so didn’t notice when some of those enemies were wearing uniforms. He’d thrown two rangers into the bar back and punched another so hard he’d lost consciousness and pissed himself on the floor before the collective tazer fire managed to finally subdue him.

For his crimes he was sentenced to 5 years in the state penitentiary .

He wasn’t scared of prison, mostly just angry at being caught. He fully expected to establish himself as a power on the cell block and expected his services would still be as sought after as ever on the inside. A strange thing happened to him however, once inside he met “The Prophet Elija”. Elija was an elf serving a dime for setting fire to a building that he claims was owned by Catholic anti-metahuman radicals. Elija was a devout devotee of the Returnist Fatih, a church dedicated to the belief that the metahumans and resurgence of magic in the world is a clear sign that God who has long forsaken our world for the hubris of men and angels alike has finally returned to save all humankind. That the return of magic is his breath moving again through the world bringing with it a new age of miracles.

The prophet Elija was well regarded by many in the prison, especially among the metahumans. Jeffery had never met anyone like Elija, and was deeply fascinated by the church and its doctrine. Jeffery soon was baptized by the prophet Elija and registered with the church elders through Elija’s lawyer (also a member of the church.) Once converted, Jeffery threw himself into his new faith with a will, becoming Elija’s right hand man and unofficial body guard.

Jeffery spent his days reading the new revised returnist bible, earning his GED, and organizing prayer meetings and outreach efforts for other prisoners. He was paroled in 3 years for good behavior, which was strange because there were a few ugly incidents where he was involved in some fairly violent altercations with those who failed to show the Prophet Elija the respect he was due. It was also likely not a coincidence that 2 of the three member parole board were also members of the church. There has been widespread criticism that the Returnist church have deliberately sent member to infiltrate the corrections system to subvert it into a recruiting tool for the church.

Once free Jeffery has only strengthened his ties to the church and become ever more deeply devout in his faith. He burned his SIN at their request, and continues to work for them and others as a shadowrunner. He never negotiates over price with the church or even asks what they will pay him. The usually pay him well, but if ever they did not he would neither complain nor consider himself cheated.

He views his non-church work as both an opportunity for outreach among the criminal element and an opportunity to visit righteous vengeance upon the wicked. He feels most of his jobs are ultimately sent to him by God and while he would hesitate to smite the undeserving, he’s never yet met an innocent on a job so loses no sleep over the terrible things he sometime must do to wicked men.

Jeffery Marks AKA The Bishop

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